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Monday, August 29, 2005

I got it, why not use it?

So bandwidth has exceeded for a almost a week now. Ridiculous. And I miss writing. So here I am in the alternate space.

There were things I wanted to say, but no longer remember. This is the reason I have my external memory cache.

Get me outta here

I used one of those AOL trial CDs while at Elaine's in Atlanta. Damn me and my jones for an internet connection. Quitting AOL is almost impossible. As a service to any who are looking for this information (because redundancy is good), I am repeating the information I found at

The caveat in the following about the hard sell is no joke.

The following information was placed here as a courtesy to AOL members who no longer wish to be so.

If you wish to cancel your AOL membership you can call them at 1-888-265-8008. Be prepared for a high pressure sales pitch, lots of questions, special offers, and lots of hold-time. They will not give up easy.

You may also choose to mail your request to:

America Online

P.O. Box 1600

Ogden, UT 84402

Or you may fax your request to 801-622-7969.

If you choose to write or fax, please include the nature of your request and your full name, phone number and address. Additionally, for account security purposes, please provide ONE of the following:

-- the primary Billing Contact's AOL screenname
-- the last four digits of the current payment method used for this account (for your security, only the last four digits please)
-- the answer to your Privacy Question (if you have already established a Privacy Question and Answer).

If you need to contact AOL Billing you can call 1-888-265-8003.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

just so I could comment

I got this account so I could comment on other friends' sites here at blogger.

I have to admit this is pretty great. My regular site is at Weez Blog. Hope to see you there.